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The woman who is whipped is very attractive but this scene is so minor it shouldn't even be in the database really.

What helps this scene work well is that none of the girls can be sure that she won't be next. Love Camp Franco - aka Frauen im Liebslager. Lindsey vonn nude jihad. Whipped women nude. Patriots - A woman is believed to have betrayed the IRA and is tortured.

Pirates of the Barbary Coast - All that happens is in a scene at a party the main villain calls a woman over and asks her to dance in front of him. Still, the woman is very attractive, and IMO this is quite a good scene, if all too brief. This is one of three Griffith films on the list.

Whip Crop whip Wet Bdsm Slut. I've seen some rather racy stills from this film that apparently never made it to the screen. Almost forgot, has another scene where a girl gets a couple of whacks with a stick across her clothed behind.

The ugly butler severely lashes her body with a cat-o-nine whip. The whipping is extremely fake, and the victim has some ugly eye make-up on her fact to make it look like an eye was gouged out. Guy and mistress whipping slut. Lesbian strapon lesbian. This western by director Quentin Tarantino features a whipping scene where black slave Broomhilda Kerry Washington is tied standing with her arms outstretched and is given a few lashes to her back.

Later, as some women are led out to be burned, you can see whip marks on their backs if you look closely. In the first one, we see the victim from far away. Jaded - only one lash eared in this movie from late 90's: This is, by the way, a very charming film.

This is off the topic of the list, but there are a few good scenes of Franco's wife, Lina Romay, tied face down to a metal wire frame and given electric shock treatment. Bounty - In this Western, there's a short sequence where the lovely actress Michelle Acuna is bound AOH and given 3 lashes of the bullwhip. If you have 2 VCRs, cut the good moments together to one scene! One of the female leads is having an affair with a "rough" character who is into SM.

Whipping sluttty Sonja a Glowing Red Ass. There are several strokes and both girls appear to suffer greatly. I just mention this because the video box makes it look like the lovely Patricia Medina is going to get whipped. In a later scene we can see the marks across Anita's back. The second scene right after the first features another muscular dude applying a cat o'nine tails to the back of a chained-up slave girl right across her back. Old granny slave is whipped. Amature naked women tumblr. From afar we see her remove her top as her father watches.

Afterwards, there is supposed to be a scene where she makes love to the cultleader and you can see the welts, but I've never seen that part. This film is a brilliant idea for a sexploitation movie, it's about female gladiators in Rome. Bound bent over babe ass flogged and clothes stripped off.

In another one, we see a chained up woman being whipped in a cell.

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He orders two other men to tie her to a tree, strip her to the waist, and whip her on the back with riding whips.

There's another slo-mo whipping scene later with Sylvia made to pull a rickshaw while she's whipped again from behind by Margaret. Lengthy scene, which is unfortunately shot entirely from the front. Cream nude color. When her father comes back into the house and sees her, he pulls off his belt and chases her. Their both clothed and the scene is so brief that it is worthy of little merit.

Her friend bursts in and stops it and we only see two strokes. Flowers in the Attic - In this terrible adaptation of a mediocre book, a mother played by Victoria Tennant is whipped after she and her children go back to live at her parents house. Alba objects to Affleck's treatment of her, and Affleck throws her on the bed, bares her bottom and hits it several times with the belt. Joseph Andrews - an English film that seems to have been made in the 's. Two women are tied to a tree in a forest and whipped by a group of men.

Edge of Sanity - No whipping scene in this moviejust the results of one. The linked videos are automatically gathered and added into our system by our spider script. Katy perry hot and nude. Cleopatra l - there is a twenty minute orgy scene pretty tame by today's standards where a lion tamer pretends to whip a half dozen girls amusingly dressed as lions and makes them jump through flaming rings.

Ramrodder, The - An Indian girl is stripped naked, tied to a tree, and whipped by her husband for sleeping with the title character. Whipped women nude. She turns around and shows the blood on the back of her shirt.

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If you look closely, though, you can tell that two different 'whips' were used in the scene. In the second, two women are tied to trees and whipped across their fronts. The scene is at the beginning of the movie.

Her entire body is covered with fake looking marks. In fact, I do not think that a good Andy Milligan film exists. Slave girl beaten by her master while suspended by her ankles.

In the second whipping, with a different victim, the girl's uniform is untied, but we only see her lower back briefly. This is a fairly long scene and the camera dwells on her body for quite some time. I've only seen the shortened American version without this scene, but there is a part of this scene intact in the widely available trailer for the film.

Crucible of Horror - Cute girl, crummy scene. Liv wylder nude. She is tied to a post and is topless for much of the scene. She's tied with her arms outstretched to the whipping post, and the back of her dress is opened up by her female rival. First whipping scene sounds nasty but you don't see muchthe second is much better and you can actually see the force of the whip against her bottom.

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