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At least IMVU doesn't have childish non-sense. If you are referring to female avatar's tops glitching and basically becoming 'invisible' then it's just the mesh.

Smallworlds, less laggy, and browser based. Girls fighting get naked. I tried to do the boob tape and model avi, but the model avi was not there. Imvu you have to download it. Imvu naked sex. The sexual content is typically only unlocked by the purchase of a token which verifies the user's age as over 18 and another purchase called Access Pass--but be warned that ANYONE can purchase an upgrade and give it to your child.

Ask New Question Sign In. I've been on IMVU for three going on four years. Then they attack me because I am young. Everyone is nasty here, But us in world we ain't dirty One last thing i don't understand Aunt Written by Kotryna K.

And as everyone does on smallworlds, have a conversation on whatever they want [dirty]. Young girls with saggy tits. My analysis of this thread suggests that IMVU proponents are, astonishingly enough, even more functionally illiterate than SL champions. What's on your mind? Why or why not? There are no inherent privacy issues with IMVU, and how much information you share with people you chat with is entirely up to the user.

Your comparing apples and oranges. They've become much more lax with their rules. Because it wasn't closed.

Imvu naked sex

Delete it mods. I tried it but even clothes that I bought sometimes amazingly went sheer so you ended up naked on there. IMVU is free-to-play, so users can absolutely use the site for free if they chose. So you might think sexual content is highly gated! This is because of the clothing given, where the cleavage is hanging out for the world to see, and her features are, well, quite, curvy. It's So Much Better! And it's not 'dirty', there are just 'dirty' people, on here as well.

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IMVU is free-to-play, so users can absolutely use the site for free if they chose.

I tried every website there is. Busty milf lesbian tube. I strongly suggest to keep off IMVU Any how mine in SL clearly says so, also says not interested in anything other than scripting and building or just friends. Imvu naked sex. They are just an overall greedy company that just wants its user's money any way it can get it. India is the clear winner. The service relies on user generated content and because IMVU caters to that which sells there are references to alcohol, drugs, and sex plainly available everywhere.

Nah, no matter what goes on here, even if I get disappointed from time to time, I keep hanging on. She is always on that stupid game. To be honest when you start imvu it's very interesting but then you get bashed out for being a noob. Well now I have a new computer c:. Lesbian teacher at home. Not for sex or cussing or anything like that, but to have rooms where children couldn't go so you can actually have conversations without having kids beg for tokens or gold or clothing.

I play it because my realfriends brough me in to it, so basically what i am saying it's i'm still playing SmallWorlds because i want to spend more quiality time with my friends, family I prefer smallworlds, because you do not have to download it. So, if you are worried about your child speaking with adults, there's very real potential it could happen.

Do not allow your children to lose sight of reality on this app. Yeah that's true I also like the IMVU because of the realistic clothing and furniture options only problem is that it's hard to obtain credits and most of the clothing is inappropriate However on smallwords there are far more things to do and it's easier to obatin tokens but there aren't many hairstyles to choose from.

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Feel free to look. It's a non issue Small worlds is way better because you have your own house and the people that play it are so awesome and cool!!! I agree with most except those two quotes above I have been on IMVU and it is so vile. SL is for adults so everything on there will be more sexualized and targeted towards sex.

Plus, there is no standard way to check for blending issues in peer review. Missions are the reason. Adult Written by Accaliab October 28, As I've read through these reviews, it seems the main concerns can be broken down into 2 main categories:

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